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The Northwest Highlands

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Viewing forecast for Friday, 18th April, 2014

Forecast last reviewed on Thursday, 17/04/14 at 14:53

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Summary for all mountain areas

Fine, sunny, little wind and the air very clear indeed on almost all mountains. Nearly all summits will be free of cloud, although very low cloud just off the northwestern mainland in Scotland could reach coastal slopes.

Headline, The Northwest Highlands

Fine, sunshine, superb visibility. Risk low cloud west coast.

How Windy?

West backing southwesterly, 15mph, but in afternoon 20mph Cuillins and coastal summits north of the Torridon area.

Effect Of Wind?


How Wet?

No rain

Cloud on the hills?

All or almost all summits cloud free. Low risk low cloud W coast.

Patchy cloud forming on higher slopes temporarily in morning will soon lifting and dispersing. But sheet very low cloud over Hebrides may edge onto the Cuillins and immediate west coastal slopes from Torridon area northwards late in day.

Chance of cloud free Munros?

Almost certain, but on west coast dropping later to 40%

Sunshine and air clarity?

Extensive bright sunshine (beware of sunburn). Visibility superb.

How Cold? (at 900m)

0C at first; 3 to 6C by late afternoon - lowest immediate west coast.

Freezing level

900m at first, lifting above the summits by midday. Frost widely corries and glens in the afternoon.

Planning Outlook for all mountain areas from Saturday, 19th April, 2014

Wind speeds often low over the next 7 days, although windy on Monday and Tuesday (and locally England and Wales on Sunday). There will be substantial dry weather, although late on Sunday there is threat of bursts of rain reaching summits in England and Wales; these advancing into Scotland on Monday. Rain from time to time next week, sometimes thundery, but often dry, fairly warm, with sunniest, driest, and often warmest weather over the W & NW Highlands.

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