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Snowdonia National Park

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Viewing forecast for Thursday, 17th April, 2014

Forecast last reviewed on Wednesday, 16/04/14 at 16:21

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Summary for all mountain areas

A complicated day weatherwise as two weak fronts bring mainly low cloud southwards, followed by a few showers, of snow to fairly low levels. Windy; widespread gales Scottish Highlands, Least wind hills in mid and south Wales.

Headline, Snowdonia National Park

Windy and extensive cloud higher areas.

How Windy?

Westerly 20 to 30mph; generally strongest Snowdon range where gusts intermittently 45mph.

Effect Of Wind?

Likely to impede walking on higher areas south, and will at times make walking difficult higher areas of Snowdon range.

How Wet?

A little rain

A weak front will bring one or two brief patches of drizzly rain, most likely to western hills.

Cloud on the hills?

Extensive on higher areas

Cloud base will vary, but overall cloud widespread on the hills, especially west. Typical base 500 or 600m, but occasionally lower. Well inland, most cloud above 600m, with breaks at times to 800m.

Chance of cloud free Summits?

10% west to 30% east

Sunshine and air clarity?

Rare sunshine well inland. Foggy higher areas; visibility often very good below cloud.

How Cold? (at 900m)

4 dropping to 2C.

Freezing level

Above the summits.

Planning Outlook for all mountain areas from Friday, 18th April, 2014

Wind speeds low through most of the Easter Weekend, and increasingly turning easterly. The Weekend will be substantially dry on the mountains. However, rain will spread into Wales and later N England (possibly Southern Uplands) on Sunday. The detail for Monday is uncertain. Most likely rain will reach the Scottish Highlands, but some or most areas will have very little, whilst showery elsewhere. Fairly mild with sustained slow snowmelt Scottish Highlands.

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