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The Skye MiniMet is an Automatic Weather Station, designed and manufactured in Wales by a Company which has an excellent reputation for supplying sensors and systems for the weather enthusiast as well as for special research purposes and general environmental monitoring. The MiniMet is modular and can be purchased with sensors to suit the application and budget. The standard MiniMet is battery operated, but alternative power supplies are available as well as remote access options.

The MiniMet can be seen in many locations around the world, but in the UK it has found some very interesting applications. It is purchased by operators of Landfill sites, Quarries, Chemical Works, etc who need to monitor specific weather parameters as specified by their licence as issued by the Environment Agency.

There are Universities who need to monitor and measure components of the weather to assist in their research projects. For example a London University had a climate change project based at Cors Fochno raised peat bog in Wales, a top site for these studies. The case study can be read on our website, click here.

A Grower in Eastern England has been successfully using the Skye MiniMet to aid them in the production and harvesting of peas.

Midges! How we hate them! A number of years ago the University of Edinburgh embarked on a study to investigate the midge, how it interacted with its environment and how the weather affected/influenced its activity. The aim was to find a way of controlling them or eliminating them! Five Skye MiniMets with midge traps were deployed around Scotland in renowned Midge infested places to record various weather parameters. Data collected helped to produce modelling software instrumental in producing the current midge forecast,

Scottish Power initiated a conservation project in Kintyre to help the Golden Eagle. A large area of forest was cleared to regenerate the native heather moorland. Red Grouse started to use the cleared area and this in turn has attracted the Golden Eagle, grouse being one of their favourite foods. The Skye MiniMet was installed to provide weather data specific to the local environment, which together with the grouse count and state of the moorland regeneration, meant long-term management plans could be devised.

Along with the superb resources on the MWIS website, the Minimet could be used to show current weather conditions in mountains areas. Hillwalking can be a risky sport, and we understand that high altitude weather is fickle and liable to change quickly. The Minimet can provide instant readings that can be shown live on the internet, making it easy for visitors to find the information, and to understand it easily. Look at the current weather conditions in Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales by clicking here.

Also, look out for Skye Instruments' UV sensors on Snowdon!

Skye would be pleased to discuss any potential applications for their MiniMet. Please email Adam at or phone him on 01597 824811.

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