Lake District Forecast

Viewing Weather Forecast for Friday 21st July 2017

Includes the whole of Cumbria, and also the western Pennines North from Ingleborough.

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Forecast last updated on Friday 21st July 2017 at 7:18am

Summary for all mountain areas

Severe conditions on mountains near the Irish Sea as upland gales or severe gales (Wales) spread inland ahead of a band of heavy rain and low cloud. Winds will strengthen into Scotland, but low cloud and a little rain will be mostly confined to southern Scotland.

Headline for Lake District

Upland gales. Occasional rain - becoming persistent from west late on.

How windy? (On the summits)

Southeasterly, soon strengthening to 40 to in afternoon 50mph or 45mph higher Pennines.

Effect of wind on you?

Walking soon very difficult across the hills most of daylight. You may be blown over where exposed on some crags and summits. Significant wind chill.

How Wet?

Rain now and again, although later setting in, at least west Cumbria.

Rain on and off, although will often be light and amounting to very little. Risk later afternoon onwards of persistent rain edging in from the southwest across southern and western fells.

Cloud on the hills?

Intermittently covering higher tops

Cloud on higher ares extensively after dawn will through morning clear to or intermittently above highest summits. The clearance brief south Lakes, where in rain the base will drop to near 500m. Elsewhere, by afternoon cloud occasionally below 750m, but often above 850m.

Chance of cloud free summits?

20% south Lakes to 60% north

Sunshine and air clarity?

Little or no sunshine. Visibility frequently poor due to rain.

How Cold? (at 750m)

7 rising to 10C. Will feel as cold as minus 3C directly in the wind.

Freezing Level

Above summits

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Saturday 22nd July 2017

This weekend and early next week, winds often light, some areas of low cloud and constant rain, but overall frequently dry (despite fairly low pressure). Least rain will be in northern Scotland. Nevertheless one or two areas of strong winds. A weak ridge of high pressure will bring mostly fine conditions to the mountains early next week, but further strengthening winds and rain are likely to spread east across Britain mid-week. From then rain and low cloud will be frequent, particularly western mountains.