Southeastern Highlands Forecast

Viewing Weather Forecast for Tuesday 19th November 2019

The southern highlands as far west as the central highlands and north to Ben Alder, Drumochter and summits near Glenshee ski-centre (summits within the historic county of Perthshire). Also Ochils and Angus hills.

Forecast last updated on Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 3:14pm

Summary for all mountain areas

Most of Britain cold, with most terrain frozen. Winds fairly light wind and hazy sunshine. However, blustery western mountains, particularly near Irish Sea, and risk of a little light rain coastal hills, most likely Wales. Less cold in Wales, where low cloud, mostly east and south Wales.

Headline for Southeastern Highlands

Local gusty winds. Terrain frozen. Superb visibility.

How windy? (On the Munros)

South or southeasterly varying between 10mph some slopes and typically 20mph. However, locally 30mph.

Effect of wind on you?

Mostly small, although local buffeting, including on some lower slopes.

How Wet? (Precipitation and its impact)

No precipitation

Cloud on the hills?

Very little

Most summits cloud free. Here and there, filaments of cloud around 700m - the Munros probably above the cloud.

Chance of cloud free Munros?


Air clarity (below cloud)

Areas of sunshine through high level cloud. Excellent or on higher slopes superb visibility.

How Cold? (at 900m)

0 to 2C. Colder lower slopes below an inversion.

Freezing Level

Terrain frozen from valleys up, although temperatures between about 850m up to 1000m may well be above freezing point in the air.

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Wednesday 20th November 2019

A slow change to less cold and increasingly wet weather as low pressure slowly envelops Britain from the south. However, 'winter conditions' will survive across the Scottish Highlands until into, or on higher summits, perhaps through the weekend. Next week, cycles of freeze and thaw likely Scottish Highlands, whilst elsewhere, only occasionally higher tops below freezing point.