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The West Highlands

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Viewing forecast for Monday, 21st April, 2014

Forecast last reviewed on Monday, 21/04/14 at 15:05

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Summary for all mountain areas

Extensive low cloud on eastern hills and mountains will lift and break only slowly during Monday. Most mountain regions remain dry, although risk of showers Wales & southern Pennines. Locally strong winds and sudden gusts N England/S Scotland.

Headline, The West Highlands

Dry. Western hills widely cloud free; low cloud south.

How Windy?

Easterly, in the range 25 to 40mph. Strongest in the morning, with the strong winds persisting longest toward the south. In some areas sudden gusts near and west of major ridges and summits.

Effect Of Wind?

Varied, but near and in some areas west of major ridges and summits, considerable buffeting will make walking difficult.

How Wet?

Rain unlikely

Essentially dry, but there may be the odd spot of light rain or drizzle in and just below cloud.

Cloud on the hills?

Breaks west; low cloud south

Western mountains cloud free. Well inland in morning a layer of cloud covering some higher areas, most likely S & E Loch Lomond NP & Arran, shrouding the hills to 400 or 500m, lifting slowly through day.

Chance of cloud free Munros?

80% north and west; 30% south

Sunshine and air clarity?

A little sunshine, most likely western coastal mountains. Limited sunshine well inland and towards the east. Hazy at low levels, visibility poor in cloud higher up.

How Cold? (at 900m)

7C rising to 9C, but maybe just 5C in cloud.

Freezing level

Above the summits.

Planning Outlook for all mountain areas from Tuesday, 22nd April, 2014

Wind speeds often low over the next 7 days. Rain from time to time next week, sometimes thundery, but often dry, fairly warm, with sunniest, driest, and often warmest weather over the W & NW Highlands. Low cloud and patchy drizzly rain persists on eastern hills on Tuesday.

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