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Updated Wednesday 17th January

Our planning videos discuss the weather outlook for the next 5 to 10 days across the UK, and give an insight into how our forecasts are made. Videos are updated twice a week, normally on Tuesday and Friday afternoons or evenings.

Observations from mountain summits

Thursday 18th January 07:00 GMT
Cairngorm (1245m) -6.2C Wind information unreliable
Aonach Mor (1130m)
Not available
Cairnwell (933m) -4.5C NW  27 gusts 34mph
Great Dun Fell (N. Pennines) (847m) -3.6C NW  25 gusts 32mph
Bealach na ba (Wester Ross) (773m) -2.7C W  10mph

The Mountain Weather Information Service

The Mountain Weather Information Service provides weather forecasts to aid mountain safety for 9 upland regions across the UK.

MWIS forecasts contain detailed and accessible information aimed at both novice and experienced mountain users. We write forecasts largely in the form of warnings; generally when there is little text, the conditions are fairly benign. Where possible we use wording that indicates the impact of the weather on the user, and particularly when there is the possibility of severe conditions, we try to include this eventuality in the forecast as a probability, even when the risk is low.

Forecasts are produced manually using information from a range of forecast models and forecaster knowledge of mountain weather. New forecasts for the next three days are produced by 4:30pm daily, normally earlier in the winter, and amended as necessary.

The production of the Scottish forecasts is fully funded by the Scottish Government through sportscotland.

As always, please continue to give us feedback about what you think of our website, service and future development plans.

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