Lake District Forecast

Includes the whole of Cumbria, and also the western Pennines North from Ingleborough.

Viewing Weather Forecast for Saturday 18th April 2015
Forecast last updated on Saturday 18th April 2015 at 7:27am

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Summary for all mountain areas

Blustery only on the mountains of Wales (mainly mid and south). Dry with extensive bright sunshine, although cloud will tend to fill in in afternoon. The air should be very clear indeed - so superb visibility.

Headline for Lake District

Light wind; cloud breaking Pennines: sunshine - beware sunburn.

How windy? (On the summits)

Easterly, 10 to locally 20mph near some major ridges.

Effect of wind on you?

Fairly small

How Wet?

No rain

Cloud on the hills?

Little if any by late morning

Fragments on higher slopes temporarily morning, and widely for a few hours above 50m Pennines, but the fells extensively cloud free. Small risk low cloud drifting off North Sea onto Pennines evening.

Chance of cloud free summits?

Almost certain by mid-morning

Sunshine and air clarity?

Sunshine, particularly morning Lakeland fells; patchy cloud afternoon. Excellent or superb visibility.

How Cold? (at 750m)

2C Pennines, and 0C where in cloud, rising to 6C western Lakeland fells afternoon.

Freezing Level

Above the summits. Slight frost some valleys around dawn.

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Sunday 19th April 2015

High pressure will dominate the weather over the next week. Winds will be light. Rain, if any, will be rare, sunshine extensive - although were it forms cloud banks will drift on only slowly. Frequently the air very clear giving excellent or superb visibility. Although often warm by day (particularly into next week), snow melt will be slow. There is just the risk of a front bringing temporarily stronger winds and low cloud to NW Scotland into Tuesday, but otherwise it may well be toward next weekend before the weather breaks.

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