Lake District Forecast

Includes the whole of Cumbria, and also the western Pennines North from Ingleborough.

Viewing Weather Forecast for Wednesday 6th May 2015
Forecast last updated on Tuesday 5th May 2015 at 4:24pm

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Summary for all mountain areas

There may be a lull in generally 'poor' conditions near the axis of an elongated low. But expect widespread strong to gale force upland winds, areas of constant (or near constant) precipitation, falling as snow on higher areas, giving whiteout on mainly the W & N Scottish Highlands.

Headline for Lake District

Windy, particularly later in day. Rain, mainly morning.

How windy? (On the summits)

Southerly at first veering westerly. there may be a slight lull over a few hours in morning, but often in the range 40 to 55mph.

Effect of wind on you?

Expect difficult walking conditions and significant wind chill later in day.

How Wet?

Rain, turning more showery

Showery precipitation (wet snow highest tops), probably merging into a few hours of near-constant rain morning. Much less wet by midday. Small risk hail and thunder.

Cloud on the hills?

Extensive on higher areas; but base rising

Widespread cloud above 600 to 800m most or all day. For several hours in morning, will form from lower slopes upward, particularly south and west.

Chance of cloud free summits?


Sunshine and air clarity?

Rare glimpses of sun, mostly eastern Lakes and Pennines from about midday. Fog higher areas.

How Cold? (at 750m)

2 or 3C; will at times feel as cold as minus 12 Celsius directly in the wind.

Freezing Level

Above the summits

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Thursday 7th May 2015

One or two fine days with light winds on the mountains to come over the next week, but overall conditions will change day by day. There will still be one or two very cold days (low freezing level) across the Scottish Highlands, and there will be areas of rain, some very slow moving, and occasionally snow higher Scottish areas.

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