Peak District and Yorkshire Dales Forecast

The Peak district and Yorkshire Dales National Parks and the area immediately between them.

Viewing Weather Forecast for Monday 20th October 2014

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Forecast last updated on Sunday 19th October 2014 at 3:16pm

Summary for all mountain areas

Windy; upland gales Scottish Highlands. Showery, but the showers will merge into almost constant rain W & NW Highlands. Further deterioration toward/after dusk with widespread heavy rain and at least temporarily storm force upland winds.

Headline for Peak District and Yorkshire Dales

Windy; areas of frequent showers, mainly morning N Yorkshire.

How windy? (On the summits)

Westerly, 25-30mph; strongest higher tops Yorkshire Dales NP. Risk storm force winds overnight.

Effect of wind on you?

Will impede ease of walking on higher areas.

How Wet?


Clusters of showers, mainly morning, when they will tend to follow the same tracks, leaving some areas dry, but other areas with frequent rain. Rain unikely Peak District to the south of Manchester.

Cloud on the hills?

Mostly clearing, particularly south

Will extensively shroud higher tops post dawn north from areas east of Manchester northwards. Gradually base will lift; by midday, cloud rare below 650m. Cloud will only rarely shroud higher tops south of Saddleworth Moor

Chance of cloud free summits?

30% north Yorkshire to 90% by midday Peak District

Sunshine and air clarity?

Bright sunshine intermittently; widely so Peak District south of Manchester. Excellent visibility.

Temperature (at 600m)

7 or 8C, highest Peak District.

And in the valleys

12 to locally in eastern dales 14C in the afternoon.

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Tuesday 21st October 2014

Frequently windy throughout the week, particularly Highland Scotland, and very wet W & NW Highlands. On Tuesday, temporarily bitterly cold severe gale force northwesterly winds; widely frequent rain, snow, hail and also thunder. Turning milder on Wednesday, but rain setting gradually in, mainly western Scotland. Later in the week, colder conditions, with snow on higher tops will spread across Scotland. Areas of rain over England and Wales will eventually clear on Friday, and colder conditions may well extend south to all mountain areas.

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