Snowdonia National Park Forecast

The Snowdonia National Park.

Viewing Weather Forecast for Friday 6th March 2015
Forecast last updated on Friday 6th March 2015 at 12:08pm

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Summary for all mountain areas

Widespread gales across most mountain areas. Low cloud will be extensive with occasional rain and drizzle, particularly western mountains. However, the rain will be persistent much of the west and northwest Highlands, with runoff augmented by accelerating snowmelt.

Headline for Snowdonia National Park

Increasingly severe upland gales. Low cloud west.

How windy? (On the summits)

Southwesterly; very marked increase with height to 40 to 50mph; strongest Snowdon range, where may reach 60mph later in afternoon.

Effect of wind on you?

Walking difficult where exposed on higher areas, mainly Snowdon range. Significant wind chill.

How Wet?

Risk drizzle west

Drizzle now and again western hills, mainly or only between Snowdon and Porthmadog. Substantially or completely dry elsewhere.

Cloud on the hills?

Extensive west; breaks east

Blanket very low cloud will affect west coastal areas, most persistent between Snowdon and Porthmadog. Typical base 500m, but patches below in drizzle. Inland, and also north of the A5, most cloud above 800m.

Chance of cloud free summits?

Less than 10% west to 50% elsewhere

Sunshine and air clarity?

Sunshine will develop intermittently north of A5 and eastern areas. Widely foggy westernmost mountains; very good visibility elsewhere.

How Cold? (at 900m)

1C. Will feel as cold as minus 13C directly in the wind.

Freezing Level

Above the summits.

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Saturday 7th March 2015

Mild throughout the next week or more, with only few periods, mainly confined to the Scottish Highlands, where summit temperatures are below freezing point. Areas of low cloud, rain and strong winds will affect the mountains. Over the W & NW Scottish Highlands on Friday and Saturday, rainfall will be extreme, and with substantial snow melt. There will be flooding. Overall, drier, initially over England and Wales later next week as pressure gradually builds over nearby Europe.

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