Snowdonia National Park Forecast

The Snowdonia National Park.

Viewing Weather Forecast for Thursday 11th February 2016
Forecast last updated on Thursday 11th February 2016 at 12:58pm

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Summary for all mountain areas

A relatively benign day across most mountains although an areas of frequent snow will gradually move south across Scotland. Elsewhere, substantially dry although one or two areas of showers. Most terrain frozen.

Headline for Snowdonia National Park

Little wind. Occasional snow flurries or showers.

How windy? (On the summits)

Direction varied, rarely 10 to 15mph, often windless.

Effect of wind on you?

Mostly negligible.

How Wet?

Risk snow showers or flurries

Often dry, but risk of a few snow showers, or perhaps over an hour or two, more constant snow, perhaps drifting inland from the west coast through the day.

Cloud on the hills?

Confined to higher tops

Fragments of cloud above 600m, mainly near precipitation; and possibly areas of more persistent cloud above about 900m.

Chance of cloud free summits?


Sunshine and air clarity?

Often cloudy, but patches of bright sunshine. The air very clear indeed.

How Cold? (at 900m)

-2 or -3C

Freezing Level

More or less valley level after overnight frost. By day, partial thawing, particularly sunlit slopes, up to about 600m.

Planning Outlook

All mountain areas of Britain from Friday 12th February 2016

Cold conditions will persist well into next week; most mountain terrain frozen. There will be consolidation of existing snow. Many areas often dry, but further snow will fall from time to time. Low pressure moves across southern Britain into the North Sea over the weekend, resulting in a north to north-easterly pattern, bringing clusters of snow showers. Also a risk of more persistent snow southern Pennines & Wales on Saturday. Wind speeds will vary, occasional severe wind chill. By middle of next week, expect a gradual change to milder south-westerly winds and Atlantic fronts.

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