Forecast Maps

General Maps

Locations of poorest conditions during periods of rain or snow and low cloud. Also shown are areas of 'shadow' where due to other mountains, conditions are much better than otherwise expected.

Areas remote from the major areas are not always coloured.

Shower Maps

The shape of the coastline of the British Isles, particularly around the Irish Sea, causes showers to cluster in lines, where there can be considerable rain or snow, whilst nearby there is very little.

The maps drawn for the most common direction in showers fall show the approximate locations of the bands, but they do vary according to wind speed and the precise direction.

Concentrated in the winter, shower lines (often call the 'lake effect') form over the sea or coasts, and are formed because of slight differences in the wind direction, often as it blows off or around Ireland.

In the afternoon in summer, sea breezes meeting along peninsulas can also cause shower lines, that can run a few hundred miles in land.

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