Forecasting Wind Speed and Direction

General wind direction is forecast, but can vary locally, particularly when speeds are light. Wind speed can also vary, sometimes within a few strides, as the air blows over a ridge or summit. Forecast speeds are where exposed, and thus will be an overestimation overall - although locally on some very exposed crags, may be an underestimate.

Mountain winds are frequently above the normal speed range experienced, particularly in inland cities. Thus, we major on describing the impact of the wind. Words used are varied but are based on the tables showing the effect of the wind on you and surroundings and wind chill.

We use a wind chill of 12 degrees Celsius as the limit for specific mention of wind-chill in the text - except on the rare windy days in July and August, when with the expectation of people on the mountains in 'summer' clothes, we lower the figure by a couple of degrees (especially if there is a sudden change from warm weather).

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