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DMM links with Mountaineering Scotland for rock climbing courses

By Mountaineering Scotland

Mountaineering Scotland and climbing equipment manufacturers DMM International Ltd have announced a partnership deal which will help introduce young people to rock climbing outdoors.

DMM will supply climbing equipment for use in Mountaineering Scotland’s RealRock courses, which are run by its ClimbScotland team to support young people aged eight to 18 years of age in the transition from indoor to outdoor climbing.

The equipment will include helmets, climbing harnesses, climbing protection and bouldering pads.

Youngsters on RealRock courses will have had previous climbing experience on indoor climbing walls and will be assisted by professional climbing instructors to learn about the different skills, techniques and equipment involved in climbing on real rock away from the controlled environment of a climbing wall. As well as practical lessons they will also gain confidence to make their first moves on rock.

DMM Managing Director Dave Noddings said: “Many of us at DMM made our first moves on rock as young’uns. To be able to team up with Mountaineering Scotland and Climb Scotland to encourage and enable the next generation to get out there safely and confidently is something that we are really proud of.”

Stuart Younie, Chief Executive Officer of Mountaineering Scotland, said: “We are very excited to be working partnership with DMM to support the development of climbing in Scotland. The DMM brand has become part of the culture and heritage of climbing in the UK and we have a shared ambition to help introduce more young people to climbing outdoors.”

Robert MacKenzie, Regional Development Officer for ClimbScotland, which delivers the RealRock courses, said: “For our RealRock sessions we use a wide range of equipment, and will only use the best on the market. DMM’s high quality and easy-to-use range of equipment provides us with everything we need to run safe and fun climbing sessions outdoors. “

Based in Wales, DMM are one of the UK’s major manufacturers of climbing equipment and celebrate their 40th anniversary this year, having grown from employing just four people in 1981 to over 200.

Aiming to provide the best equipment at the best price, DMM develops products for both recreational climbing and mountaineering, and for industrial markets, concentrating on taking an innovative approach to design and development to keep ahead.