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Follow the latest musings of our MWIS forecasters discussing the intricacies of the British weather in the mountain environment. In addition our MWIS Ambassadors will be blogging on all aspects of adventure and safety in the mountains. A brief bio of our ambassadors can be found at the following link:

*The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by MWIS Ambassadors in this blog belong solely to the author, and are not necessarily those of MWIS, or any organisation, employer or other persons associated with the individual. 

#ThinkWINTER for epic mountain adventures
POSTED BY Garry // 13th Dec 23

Joint campaign to inspire mountain-lovers and provide all the information you need to enjoy winter in the Scottish hills.
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Don’t get left in the dark!
POSTED BY Garry // 27th Oct 23

Hillwalkers reminded to pack their torches and brush up on navigation skills as clocks go back
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Managing Thunderstorm Risk in the Mountains
POSTED BY Mehmet // 11th Jun 23

Thunderstorms and a small but very real risk in the UK mountains. What are some ways to understand the likelihood of storms and how might you change your planning to stay safe on a day when thunderstorms are forecast?
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Introducing wind-effect graphics
POSTED BY Garry // 22nd Jan 23

We're pleased to bring you our first installment of our new graphics package. This is the latest evolution of MWIS to bring a new angle to our much-valued service.
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Checklist for enjoying winter on the mountains
POSTED BY Rachel // 9th Dec 22

The temperatures have dropped, and walking at any altitude needs more attention as to what is needed in our packs.
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Now is the time to #ThinkWINTER!
POSTED BY Garry // 8th Dec 22

Discover where to find the information you need to make the most of winter adventures in the hills this year
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The North wind shall blow……
POSTED BY Richard // 7th Dec 22

Experiencing cold northerlies in Britain and the Alps.
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Final forecasting thoughts on the exceptional heat on Tuesday
POSTED BY Garry // 18th Jul 22

Key messages - don't underestimate valley and upland heat, be aware of extremely dry ground and fire.
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Watch for unexpected high maximum temperatures
POSTED BY Garry // 16th Jul 22

Some spots north of the Cairngorms could also see mid 30s Celsius on Tuesday.
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Extreme heat on the way
POSTED BY Garry // 15th Jul 22

Forecasting thoughts for early next week.
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Frequent Heavy Showers in NW Scotland
POSTED BY Mehmet // 27th May 22

Why have we been getting frequent, intense showers in north west Scotland? Mehmet explains what's driving our recent weather.
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Winter & Summer Showers
POSTED BY Mehmet // 2nd Apr 22

How do showers differ between summer and winter? Mehmet explores a day when the UK experienced both winter and summer weather patterns.
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Don’t let a slip ruin your trip
POSTED BY Garry // 24th Mar 22

Experts warn it’s still time to #ThinkWINTER in the highlands
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Strong downslope gusts: Why?
POSTED BY Mehmet // 20th Mar 22

Some days there are strong gusts on the supposedly sheltered sides of mountains. Mehmet explores why we get these gusts and how much this happened on Saturday 19th March 2022 in Coire an t-Sneachda in the Cairngorms National Park.
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