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A word about apps

Since launching the new version of the MWIS website earlier this week, one unintended consequence has been the disconnection of data to the app - ‘Mountain Forecast Viewer’.

As is unfortunately often the case with technological changes, the new website had to be developed with new code and servers, ultimately to keep up with advancements in browsers and smartphone use into the new decade.

The new website itself provides an improved layout for smartphone use, with the latest forecasts and pdf downloads now immediately accessible at the top of the page.

The ‘Mountain Forecast Viewer’ is essentially a third party product, happily brought under the wing of MWIS in the past few years, because we were aware the demand for app content was and is high. We are discussing with the provider of this app about reconnecting the links to the new site, and hope to have an answer to this soon - there is no animosity whatsoever between us!

Ultimately, our intention is soon to have our own ‘in-house’ MWIS app, freely available for both android and iOS products. The new website layout has meant we are now much more able to generate this type of content than with our previous format, so we hope these extra developments now come very soon.

(I’ll happily admit I’m trying to explain something that the code-bashers out there know far more about than I do - just give me a weather map to play with any day!!)

We’re looking at all the wonderful feedback you’ve sent us about the new site, and if there are things which don’t quite sit right, we’ll certainly be looking at shaving off any rough edges. The last thing we want to be guilty of is changing things for the sake of it! At the same time, we hope you understand that things have to evolve technologically.

If it so happens that you’re getting access to MWIS forecasts via any other means than the website or the Mountain Forecast Viewer, then any issues are beyond our control.

So all being well, we can connect the various dots as soon as possible, and have something which fits all requirements. I know how convenient apps can be! In the mean time, check out the new website on your smartphones, and make sure to download the pdfs if you need the data when you’re out of signal range. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Stay safe on the mountains, and we’ll update you soon.