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You need to do something! Walking: you love the space, the views and the fresh air but, to be honest, it is a struggle sometimes and, as you watch your companions easily pull up the steepest slopes barely breathing hard while you are panting and your muscles burning, you start to ask how it could feel easier.

Naturally, you are tempted by the marketing: maybe you need new boots or a lighter jacket? Perhaps a new featherweight rucksack will make all the difference? Could it be that you need to improve your navigation skills or map reading?

Well they may all help but deep down you know that it is simpler and cheaper! If it is ever going to get easier, you need to be better at walking; stronger, fitter and more skilled at putting one foot in front of the other. You need to get Hillfit!

When you are Hillfit walking will not take as much energy - you can go further and for longer without your legs getting tired. You will not get out of breath so soon, so you can chat with your friends as you walk. You will feel fresh and energetic hours into your walk. Walking when you are Hillfit makes walking fun again! It is safer too - you will have the energy to deal with problems as they arise - if you aren't as tired then you're less likely to stumble.


Hillfit:Strength takes a different approach from most 'fitness' programs for hillwalkers. The focus is building strength with simple and safe exercises that you do at home. Getting your muscles stronger will build cardiovascular fitness, boost endurance and improve you walking technique so that every step takes less energy!

Stronger muscles will make you more resistant to injury, improve your balance and posture, increase your cardiovascular capacity and deliver a host of metabolic improvements throughout your body. A quick jog round the block won't deliver all this but proper strength training can. When you are stronger each step is less draining and you will get to the top of the hill with more left in the tank. Everything gets easier. Everything is more fun!

Hillfit: Strength has been written for the average walker, who has a busy life but still wants to be better prepared for the outdoors. Hillfit: Strength explains why strength training is important and outlines a simple set of four exercises you can do at home, no equipment neede, to build useful strength. The book has been written by Chris Highcock, Fitness Correspondent for TGO magazine and is fully referenced with the latest research studies.

Find out more and download your own copy of the book from Read reviews for the book from both prominent backpackers and ultra-endurance athletes.

Hillfit Bonus - a set of free bonus chapters is now sent to everyone who buys the book.

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